Emergency & Disaster Response:

ALB can provide real time damage reports and assessments during a disaster. ALB understands recovery time objectives (RTO) and works diligently to reduce your recovery times, lessen the impact to your businessí infrastructure, technology, and employees through proper planning, active mitigation, and immediate response.

ALB recognizes the continuity and resiliency aspects of business and can ensure that in addition to having and testing those plans, you will have the resources to respond to the physical threats and challenges presented by disasters.

From disaster supplies for you and your employees, to helping rebuild your business and communities and even assisting in training and forming corporate emergency response teams, ALB is ready to meet your needs.

Too, following a disaster, how will you ensure that your  physical NPI data stays confidential?



  • Laptops
  • Desktops


  • Servers
  • Paper files and more



Donít be a victim of corporate identity theft. ALB can secure your NPI, building, and property before, following, and sometimes even during an emergency.

Regardless of what your business is, ALBís business is disaster response and recovery. Leave the response and recovery to us, so that you can focus on the business of your business.


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