Mold Testing & Removal:


Mold Testing   Mold Removal
If you are concerned about the potential for mold in your home or office we can help.

Mold is caused by moisture.

• We identify where that moisture is coming from.
• How to correct the moisture problem.
• Then stop it at its source so that your problem won’t continue or come back.

We can also identify what is in your air and how that may be affecting your health.

Additional Resources:
For questions regarding wet drywall

Health related questions

CDC--Center for Disease Control & Prevention Recommendations for Mold Growth
  Following a natural disaster there are many health hazards inside a structure. ALB can help reduce the risk of respiratory injury to you, your family, or employees by effectively removing airborne containments.

• Removal Of Settled Spore
• Removal of Infected Materials
• Applying Biocides
• Applying Encapsulants
• Moisture & Odor Control
• Complete Sanitation Work
• Structure & Content Restoration
• Fast Drying & Dehumidification

We focus on removing the invisible airborne allergenics and particles that can affect the health of the occupants and the quality of air in your home or office. Once we have identified and corrected the air problems, ALB will then restore your home or office to its original condition.


As pictured in images below Infrared Thermal Imaging allows for the inspector to
readily and visually identify areas of moisture intrusion INSIDE the wall.


Ideal for inspecting: Wall Cavities, behind Cabinetry, Ceilings, and Roofs
Once the areas of moisture are identified, correcting your mold problem is not a problem.

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