Of all the natural life-enhancing herbs, there is one that stands above them all - only one that has documented its effectiveness in scientific studies for immune and general health support on the human body. It is known as Chaga - one of nature's oldest documented and most revered herbs.

Touted for centuries throughout Asia as "The King of Herbs", "A Gift from God," and "The Mushroom of Immortality", Chaga is now available in its purest and rarest form, for the first time, in a powerful aqueous extract manufactured exclusively for Chaga International.


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Low back pain with degenerative disc disease
and hip degenerative arthritis.

Gout arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic, high blood pressure
Formaldehyde gas poisioning Internal Health
Severe bladder infection Arthritic finger joint / Cold Sore
Postnasal drip Narcolepsy - sleep disorder
Anti-inflammatory Cancer
Osteoarthritis in my hands and knees Run down feeling and my eyes started getting bad
High blood pressure, sugar diabetes, poor circulation, neuropathy, mini-strokes, high cholesterol  

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 while using our Chaga extract as a nutritional supplement and these may not be common results.
Chaga International does not make any medical or curative claims with our product, however we do believe
in the concept that when a body is in energy balance, with a healthy immune system, it has amazing God-given healing powers.