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LapTop Cart™

The LapTop Cart™ provides a safe and easy way to transport and store numerous laptops for school, government, training, or corporate applications.

Designed with input from tech coordinators and educators, the LapTop Cart™ provides a secure environment to store and charge laptops and other peripherals while still remaining mobile.



Key Features

Security: The reinforced tambour door can accommodate a padlock or combination lock to secure the contents of the cart. The three-point locking rear access panel limits access to electrical components and timer so IT configurations remain secure.

Convenience: Translucent tambour door allows for visual inventory and charging verification of stored laptops. Tambour door also retracts into the cart, requiring less area footprint to open and close it.

Organization: The patent pending Power Management Dividers provide convenient cord management for laptop power cords. The cart also features external cord wraps for organization of cart power supply cords.

Adaptability: The Power Management Dividers are removable, allowing the inside of the cart to be reconfigured to store and power other equipment, such as projectors, printers, and more.

Safety: Charging 30 laptop computers at one time combined with the power demands of existing laptop battery technology can overload a typical 15 amp circuit. All RC Office LapTop Storage Carts are uniquely equipped with a timing device that automatically switches the AC power supply from one power strip to the other so not to overload a circuit.

LapTop Depot

Need easy access and permanent laptop security? Quick loading and unloading? The LapTop Depot is the answer. RC Office's LapTop Depot offers easy access and fast laptop deployment.

When you need to store only a few laptops at a time, the LapTop Depot is the product for you. Rather than having one line to load and unload with a cart, you can have a couple of Depots through out the room and shorter lines giving you more time for instruction! Secure your laptops and diminish traffic.




Key Features

Capacity Options: Choose from a LapTop Depot, 5, 8, or 10 to best fit your laptop security needs.

Mounting Options: LapTop Depot an be permanently mounted virtually anywhere. We also have a pedestal and cart version for a mobile solution.

Charging Included: Each Depot includes a power strip to charge laptops when not in use.

Cable Management: The Depot offers our patent pending Power Management Divider to keep power cords in their place. Additionally the Depot dividers are compatible with our LapTop Carts.

Colors: RC Office touts a wide selections of colors and finishes for your LapTop Depot.


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