Vertical Carousels

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The vertical carousel is a versatile filing and storage system that adapts flexibly to your needs. The advantage for you is that it is adaptable to both office and industrial applications. The vertical carousel makes use of the available room height, so its compact design creates up to 60% better utilization of space. This means expensive space is used more efficiently.  Please fill out our feedback form for more information.

 The vertical carousels brings the required items to the retrieval point at the touch of a button in just a few seconds.

White Systems vertical carousels lead the industry in high density product storage. The vertical carousels offer the following features and benefits.


Host computer control through an available Ethernet port with optional pick-to-light indicators help personnel fill orders precisely and keep inventory accurate.


Product is stored fully enclosed in the carousel. When not in use, carousel access doors can be locked. In addition, options such as automated single access doors, automated mini-doors, magnetic strip swipe card, and biometric security devices may be added to achieve the highest level of storage security.


White Vertical Carousels bring stored product to the operator instead of requiring the operator to move to the product. They feature an ergonomically designed work area to eliminate bending, stretching, and climbing. Optional counter mounted light bars and ten character displays direct the operator to the product location quickly and efficiently.


The 2200-Series Vertical Carousel is ETL listed. Its main access opening is equipped with a touch bar and infrared photo eyes to prevent accidental carrier movement during picking and storing. Service access panels are electrically interlocked to prevent carousel activation when they are open. A spring-set motor brake stops and prevents carrier movement during power interruptions. An optional emergency crank (using a cordless hand drill) provides access to stored products in the event of a power failure.


White Vertical Carousels are recognized for their reliable, low maintenance design. Built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, the 2100 and 2200 Series Vertical Carousels feature heavy duty mechanical and electrical components for years of trouble-free service.

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