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Strip Label Printing Software and File Tracking Software have all become fixtures in offices recently. Strip Label printing software saves time and money from having to place individual labels on folders and type or print up name labels separately. Strip label printing software allows for customizable color code labels or pre-configured labels to choose from to be placed on end tab and top tab folders.

Records Management Software or File Tracking Software will greatly reduce file search time and allow you control of your records with the use of RFID and bar coding. File Tracking and Label Printing Software is essential in today’s office environment.

RC Office Concepts offers RFID File Tracking conversions and RFID asset tracking for configuring a records management or file tracking software system to passively track file folders throughout your office. All this coupled with high density filing systems, Mobil shelving, moveable shelving and compact shelving systems makes for a highly efficient office.

File Tracking Software-
Control records with bar code tracking for file folders

Label Printing Software-Control records with on-demand color code label printing for file folders

Document Imaging Software- Control paper with document imaging explanation of benefits and eForms.

Master Trak
Document Imaging Software
RFID tracking, RFID asset tracking
Master Trak
Color Print

RFID Tracking

Custom Label Design

Strip Labels
File Folders
File Manager
Color Code Labels

Record Tracking

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